Carrying the new energy world. Handling hydrogen as an oil.

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We store and transport hydrogen in a liquid organic carrier. The missing link to a clean hydrogen world. Superior in safety and flexibility. 

How it works

Ready for ramping up clean hydrogen supply: Find out how we utilize conventional liquid fuel infrastructure.

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Hydrogenious LOHC tanker truck

Wondering how we handle hydrogen as an oil? Find out why our LOHC is compelling in safety and flexibility.

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Interested in our plant systems upscaling status? Find out where we build up LOHC infrastructure and large-volume hydrogen supply chains.

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Our solutions

Our LOHC solutions for hydrogen producers

You are looking for a timely, superior safe and efficient way to get large volumes of hydrogen stored for long-distance transport and export? If so, we are your partner!

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Our LOHC solutions for hydrogen hubs

With our LOHC infrastructure, you will overcome constraints regarding hydrogen safety and handling as well as complex supply routes – reusing conventional fuel infrastructure and operating under ambient conditions.

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Our LOHC solutions for hydrogen offtakers

We make clean hydrogen available for industry and mobility wherever and whenever it’s needed. Check out our superior safe, very efficient and flexible way of accessing.

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Become part of the new energy world

Join our passionate team with our strong vision of a climate-neutral economy and society. We are not only offering the following job vacancies but many more exciting options.
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